"Jingdong" runs around Zhejiang Guangzhao Garment Merchants


Professional e-commerce has gradually become a "department store", netizens fall into pockets on July 10th, in Hangzhou Ruijing Hotel, "Jingdong Mall" menacing. On the scene of the China Merchants Association, the video of the high-pitched voice, the graph of the spanning agitation, and the patient and meticulous, even bitter, on-the-spot explanations of the managers of the Merchants Department, portrayed a comprehensive attack, especially the Jingdong image of the “garment industry”.

According to the person in charge of Jingdong Investment Department, clothing will become the second largest category of Jingdong Mall, second only to 3C products (Computer Computer, Communication Communication and Consumer Electronics Consumer Electronics, also known as “information appliances”).

Netizens found that the original “Brand Direct” channel on the home page of Jingdong Mall has been newly renamed “Costume City”.

The slogan of “Buyer's electricity, going to Jingdong” has already been OUT (outdated). The “Dangdang.com,” which has been the main seller of book sales, has already quietly transformed itself. In the words of netizens, these sites that once had “specialization in the industry” are now All went galloping in the direction of "all-powerful."

"Jingdong" opened a clothing city in the continuous time of the phone and personnel reception of the empty time, Jingdong Mall POP platform a senior manager of the Merchants Department Xing Yibing told me about the recent pace and ambition of Jingdong.

"Actively attacked, especially Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, some time ago in Shanghai, last Thursday in Wenzhou, today came to Hangzhou", this investment route and frequency are aimed at clothing dealers.

In the past, there was a slogan called “Buyers, go to Jingdong”, long ago OUT. At the end of the previous year, Jingdong Mall's “Brand Direct” channel went online and announced the formal operation of its open platform POP. The open platform adopts a closer cooperation system with affiliated merchants. JD.com provides a platform for merchants to provide commodities and sells them to consumers through the Jingdong warehousing and distribution system.

At present, "brand direct sales" has turned into a "garment city," and its flagship has become more clear. In order to tie in the “garment city”, Jingdong has jointly launched a series of promotional activities with thousands of apparel brands.

The Jingdong Laihang Merchants, the choice of local contractors also has a clear purpose. Xing Yibing said that Zhejiang is an active place for clothing merchants. JD has long paid attention and contacts. Hangzhou Women's Wear and the well-known apparel network operators including Hangzhou on Taobao are all close contacts.

The clothing dealers fancy the "genuine sales" quality brand on the 10th, more than 200 people crowded the conference room, the hotel attendant several times after adding a chair, the new arrival finally stood full of all the aisles.

According to the statistics of the associations hosting the event, about 40 brands of Hangzhou Women's Clothing Co., Ltd. showed a friendly interest in the invitation of Jingdong. The day is more than a lot of clothing network operators and brand agents.

A KAPPA agent in Wenzhou said that he missed the Wenzhou station and could not miss the Hangzhou station. He is interested in the quality brand played by Jingdong, known as "genuine sales." He has always opened the store under the line, has not touched the net for fear of encountering online fakes, there is no equal platform for competition. If Jingdong really has a way to abandon all A cargo and fakes, then he thinks it is worth a try.

E-Commerce attacked in an all-round way, and netizens benefitted from falling pockets. From the perspective of the market analysis of China's e-commerce, clothing retailed more than RMB 200 billion in online retail sales last year, which is the largest category of online retail sales. Therefore, the industry believes that Jingdong’s selection of apparel cuts into POPs. Testing water is a relatively robust method.

At the same time, compared to electronic products, clothing products are more profitable than electronic products and books.

The reporter contacted Dangdang. Once the strength of “books” currently occupied 40% of the sales of the entire network, clothing, cosmetics, and Baby Products will be the top priority in Dangdang’s expansion strategy. From the situation of last year and this year, the rising trend of mother and baby products is rapid.

Whether it is to take advantage of the apparel industry’s monopoly of the industry or expand its capabilities to the fullest extent, the competition on the website has become increasingly fierce. On June 18 this year, Jingdong Mall ushered in its 14th birthday. In this "special day", dancing with Jingdong's "shopping party": Dangdang's "Dashing 48 Hours" and "Blood Exile"; Kuba's "**6·18"; Suning Yi The “E18 Project” purchased by the Tmall, and even Tmall's retention of netizens from “too late” to “catching the cat”, is more of an impromptu challenge than an impromptu birthday party. . However, in any case, for netizens, it is affordable.

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