Yi Xiang Li Ying Y.SING2014 winter fur coat embellished winter classic luxury


Fur brings infinite warmth to winter. Whether it is noble and elegant, or a different kind of fun, whether it is from the functional or decorative point of view, using fur to dress up their own fluffy is an essential winter fashion strategy.

Y.SING In this season, fur of the season, regardless of color, style, cutting, and matching, incorporates the popular elements of fashion into the design: the combination of long fur grass and short fur, stitching of fabrics, subverting the traditional fur concept and making it consistent Luxurious and luxurious fur adds edgy and surprises. This winter, in addition to possessing an exuberant desire for fur and a great deal of courage, you should know how to manage the luxury in winter.

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The perfect expression of the charm of fur with texture and monochrome effect, with a simple sweater and textured shorts, make this winter warm and bright.

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H-profile, stylish and atmospheric, the former piece of fox fur stitching gas field is full, long fur full of elegant elegance, with a trend bag, stylish and feminine.

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