Turquoise bracelet


Turquoise rough stone has a long history and is very popular among the Chinese and foreign people. What are the effects of turquoise bracelets?

The turquoise bracelet has the color of the sea and the blue sky. It has an elf-like metaphor, symbolizing the magical power that God has given, and can create different effects for people. The name of the village in many parts of the country is regarded as a gift from God for giving people, and what kind of magical effect it will have.

Turquoise absorbs the aura of heaven and earth, and has been regarded as an auspicious thing since ancient times. It is regarded as a sacred object by people, and its color is liked by people. Turquoise is the elf of the blue sky and the sea. It can bring good luck and good luck, and people who bless the sea can come back safely.

Turquoise has always been used as a medicine. It has been used in the past to treat eye diseases, ulcers and heartaches. It has been widely used today. Turquoise symbolizes auspicious and warm meaning. Wearing time can make you have a happy love, peace and happiness. Turquoise can help people regulate the function of the body, help to improve the body's problems, has the effect of regulating various aspects of the physiology, and has a good effect on the treatment of lung and respiratory diseases.


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