Chic2012 Sxhot fashion underwear much anticipated


March 26, 2012, well-known underwear brand SXHOT will be participating in CHIC2012 clothing show, SXHOT as a representative of the global fashion underwear, this exhibition will bring us what surprises, to become the show a bright spot to look forward to. SXHOT booth number is E2242, welcome friends to visit SXHOT exhibition hall then visit the guide.




SXHOT's original intention was to provide a trendsetter who loves to express his own style, providing a visual impact, subversion of traditional bondage, and absolute resistance to the end of life attitude. It is unique but not weird, it is trendy but not deviant and suitable for dress SXHOT has always insisted on perfectionism, and every SXHOT fashion looks very perfect, because it embodies the full of New York's metropolitan life style.