Reading the jade floating flower is the interpretation of the entire system of jade



Why do you often see floating flowers on the emerald, the colors are different, and it looks like ink.

Emerald is red, a common type in jade, the color is green or blue, mostly in the form of silk, dots, blocks, lumps, clumps, etc., although the color blocks have color, However, the jade color is not in the conventional sense. Then, the jade flower is not the color of jade, what will it be?

The floating flower has an independent characteristic, that is, it is an independent substance, as if it grows out of the jade, and the jade, the texture, the color is a juxtaposed relationship, it is immersed in the jade, or scattered or gathered, self-contained Have a contour of self.

Secondly, the jade float flower has three-dimensional characteristics, whether it is silk, dot, block, mass, agglomerate, etc., due to its three-dimensional characteristics, in the intentional or unintentional jade cutting process, no matter what angle , way to cut, jade floating flowers can still maintain the three-dimensional nature.

Since the jade flower is an independent material, and this material has characteristics different from jade, the biggest possibility of jade floating is the inclusion.

Inclusions are not an unpopular thing. They are too common in gemstones and mineral crystals. For example, the crystal contains many different kinds of minerals, and amber is wrapped in many different small creatures. There are also diamonds, red sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, agates, etc., all of which contain a variety of inclusions.

Inclusions refer to the various processes of magma, hydrothermal action, volcanism and other complex processes in the formation of gemstones, which are sealed in jade and jade, different from the heterogeneous materials of gemstone composition. The inclusion body and the sealing medium (geo jade) have obvious dividing lines, which are easy to observe and distinguish. The sealing medium is the carrier of the inclusion body, and the material source of the inclusion body is diverse, and the shape and size are different.

Since the characteristics of the jade flower are in line with the definition of the inclusion, there is no obstacle to seeing the jade floating flower as an inclusion. If so, the jade flower is separated from the ambiguous concept of ambiguity, and the interpretation is vivid and touchable. It is related to the relationship between jade and jade color, and is clearly constructed, that is, symbiosis and coexistence of different substances under the same system. The introduction of inclusions highlights the independent features of the jade flower.

It helps to distinguish the difference between jade flower and jade color, and clarifies that jade flower is the misunderstanding of jade color, that is, jade flower is just a green or blue inclusion. The colorless glass species and the ice of the jadeite, due to the high head and high transparency, can visually observe the clear veins, subtle features and overall appearance of the jade floating flowers wrapped in the eye, so that the jade floating flowers are cognitively There is no consensus on consensus.

For jadeites such as oil-green seeds, sorghum species, and bean seeds that are poorly water-poor and opaque, whether they are wrapped in jade and floating flowers can not be identified by the naked eye, but are distributed in the color blocks of different sizes on the surface, and jadeite The germplasm has obvious boundaries, and each system is integrated with each other. In fact, these color blocks are also jade floating flowers.

It looks like a thin layer of flat surface. In fact, there is still an unknown integral material under the thin layer that cannot be touched by the line of sight. The flat layer is just the cut surface caused by the cutting, and the emerald texture is opaque, resulting in the appearance of the emerald surface color layer.

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