T100 to open into France Charles de Gaulle Airport?


Everything is possible. On the one hand, at the 2014 APEC Business Leaders Summit just concluded, Chinese leaders once again emphasized the development strategy of "going global" to boost confidence for Chinese brands across national boundaries. On the one hand, they are active "matchmaking" from the perspective of foreign governments. Recently, the French Embassy in Beijing, investment director of the French Government Investment and Ms. Zhong Lei, media and public relations director made a special trip to Guangzhou from Shanghai to visit T100, a leading high-end children's clothing brand in China, hoping to provide support for T100 to expand the European market such as France. T100 founder Dong Wenmei and investment director of the French government investment photo T100 headquarters French government investment directly under the French Ministry of Finance and Industry and the Ministry of Regional Development, is a government business and industry agencies, is headquartered in Paris, has 27 overseas offices. Its mission is to promote, promote and accept international investment in France. Dong Wenmei, the founder of T100 who just invited to attend the 2014 APEC Business Leaders Summit, hosted Ms. Zhong Lei and introduced her to T100 's unique brand development model. Miss Zhong Lei T100's first parent-child equipment and its moral meaning is very optimistic, in the focus on family values ​​in France and Europe will be promising market. When I learned that the T100 has opened stores in airports of major cities in China such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing and Chongqing, Ms. Zhong expressed her country's desire to introduce such a sensible brand like the T100. The French government's investment department is very We are happy to set up suitable market channels for excellent Chinese brands in France, such as airports and high-end hotel channels. It is reported that in early October this year, T100, exceptions and other Chinese brand representatives were invited to Paris to observe the Paris Fashion Week and to participate in the first Forum of Chinese and French brands, and Cartier, Montblanc and Hermes and other famous brand interaction, T100's parent-child philosophy and for children Building the brand spirit of "love, happiness and dream" left a deep impression on the French business community. T100 founder Tung Man-mei and the French business team photo It is worth mentioning that the Mercedes-Benz China International Fashion Week at the end of October this year, T100 parent-child children's clothing spring 2015 popular conference also by the French fashion TV (Fashion TV) Concern and reports, T100 "three generations of the world" catwalk show and the concept of parent-child communication has inspired the interest of European and American audiences. Fashion TV is one of the world's three most famous fashion TV media, is the world's first and only 24-hour global fashion channel. It is understood that the past two years, T100's unique concept of parent-child and elite family positioning high-end brand development model, more and more by the European concern. In December 2013, Mr. Eddie Malone, Head of Retail Business China, UK Trade and Investment Department made a special trip to T100 headquarters to offer Tung Mei Mei, the founder of T100, an invitation to match the retail brand in China to the UK market for British consumers to enjoy And experience T100 special products.

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