The Jura 2014 Winter Collection teaches you to find your own profile coat


When winter arrives, it's time to put on a domineering profile coat and walk in the wind. The choice of winter coat is extremely crucial, and there is no better one that suits you. It is wisest to choose according to your temperament and body type. CHKNAK Laura teaches you to find your own silhouette jacket.


H-type jacket is one of the most common jackets in winter. This type of jacket is not high on the body, and most people can control it, pay attention to the harmony of the overall tone and the choice of single product.


The A-type jacket is full of the retro taste of the 50s and 60s. This type of jacket is not very tall on the body, but people of different shapes wear different results.


The X-shaped jacket is the best looking one in the profile. Of course, the requirements for the body are very high. Not only do you have to be thin and have a thin waist, if you have so quickly wear it!


For a girl whose body is not perfect, the O-type jacket is undoubtedly the best magic weapon. Not only can you wear a silhouette but you can also revise your figure.

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