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" Urban wardrobe " clothing, has been committed to leading the urban knowledge of women's fashion clothing taste; advocating personalized, diversified and without losing the classic concept of dress and clothing culture; Qingqing shape dignified, intellectual, elegant and beautiful female image. Urban wardrobe, located in the diversification of fashion-based leisure style, style series, with strong sex, in an effort to create a living wardrobe for young women as the goal, to a fashion, leisure, the same time, without losing the brand of women's style Lead the trend of urban women.


How can each woman wardrobe less a wave point dress it, the main color light yellow embellishment light green wave highlight the success of women behind there is a small fresh, it is particularly brisk, coupled with the belt, put on the bag, You are irreplaceable.

CeveL女装   时尚就在你身边

Beautiful costumes come, chiffon dress to bid farewell to hot, white chiffon, blue skirt can be beautiful? Put on the bag even more charm at the moment you are the focus.

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