The difference between sapphire and blue natural gemstone


Natural gemstone information, sapphire-like blue natural gemstones include blue spinel quartz clock, blue tourmaline, Tanzania stone (dragon stone), blue zircon (color change), blue cone, kyanite, cordierite. Similar synthetic gemstones include synthetic sapphire, synthetic spinel and glass. Sapphire has unique and unique recognition features: uneven color, visible flat ribbons arranged in parallel; filament-like inclusions, diffuse liquid inclusions and lotus-like inclusions: strong dichroism. The similar blue natural moisturizing difference is as follows:

1, spinel. The blue spinel is uniform in color and has a grayish hue. Homogeneous, no dichroism. There are more gas-liquid inclusions and octahedral small spinel inclusions in the crystal.

2. Blue tourmaline. Mostly greenish blue, with more cracks and empty tubular gas-liquid inclusions. The birefringence is large, and double shadows are visible at the facets of the bottom facets. The dichroism is extremely obvious.

3. Blue cone mine. The only place in the world is the California state of the United States. The yield is small and the particle size is small. The blue cone mine is blue to purple. The refractive index and density are similar to those of sapphire, and they also have strong dichroism. However, it has a large birefringence (0.04) and a strong dispersion (0.044). Therefore, the bright appearance of strong dispersion and birefringence double shadow and bright blue fluorescence in short-wave ultraviolet light can be distinguished from sapphire.

4. Blue zircon. The zircon after the addition treatment has a vivid blue color, and its strong dispersion (0.039), high birefringence (0.04-0.06) and densely arranged absorption spectrum can be distinguished from sapphire.

5, tanzanite (dragon stone). It is a gem-grade zoisite found in Tanzania, referred to as tanzanite. It is one of the world's most popular gemstone varieties. The zoisite is reddish-brown, deep purple, transparent, large in size, and heat treated to become an indigo-like sapphire. Uneven color, obvious trichromatic: dark blue, purple red, yellow green. The density is 3.35g/cm 2 and the hardness is 6.5-7, which is different from sapphire. The blue color of the zoisite is 0.02-2% vanadium-induced color, so there is no iron absorption line in the absorption spectrum.

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