Bangji deer children's wear children's wear Happy Children's Day!


Children's Day is approaching, in this child's carnival season, Bangui deer happy children's festival! At the same time, Bagee deer also prepared for children paper rich "gift" Oh, quickly bring the baby to the major stores it ~ Bangji deer brand children's clothing to create first-class double product (quality, taste) a new era as their responsibility, While ensuring the product's elaborate workmanship, it is more as a carrier of culture, giving clothing and other functions beyond the family, about the affection, about the inner world, cultivating the unique aesthetic view of the child, the charm and leadership qualities of elite children during their growth , Looking forward to the future extraordinary achievements and taste. Bangji deer attaches great importance to the performance of brand culture in the terminal stores, and actively advocate and practice "green stores" and "cultural stores" and other concepts. The "sports, leisure, personality," into every corner of the lives of children and adolescents, deduce the cuteness, innocence, wisdom and dreams of children.

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