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<div id="news_info_ctl00_n_pre_reading" class="n_pre_reading"> Baby May Mary Mary Baby Fashion trend in May, BABY MARY women's hall-class fashion designer Juge, the colorful European pope elements were reinterpreted and expressed, using South Korea's most advanced 3D printing color technology, launched a special A high-tech 3D printed color fabric belonging to BABY MARY.

On the fashion stage of 2014, the international luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana (Dolberger) launched a grand extravagant papal image, which became a popular hot spot on the international T platform.

This time, BABY MARY's hall-level fashion designer Mr. Juge gave a reinterpretation and expression of the colorful elements of the Pope in Europe. He introduced the high-tech 3D printing exclusively for BABY MARY using South Korea's most sophisticated 3D color printing technology. Colorful fabrics.

BABY MARY this season not only absorbed the popular elements of the Dolce & Gabbna release series, but also very unique combination of international first-line brand Prada (Prada) launch of the thousand birds. Using 3D printing technology, these two very classic vintage elements are matched and interpreted, so that they show a complex but very uniform harmony and extremely interesting visual impact. Whether it is wearing everyday clothes or attending grand scenes You become eye-catching.

BABY MARY Pope 3D Print and Classic Thousand Birds & Wave Mixing Series

D&G, the top Italian fashion brand launched the 2014 spring and summer papal 3D printing color series, using the retro pope elements of the Middle Ages to create a gorgeous style, BABY MARY fashion godfather JUGE based on this foundation and wave points and thousands of birds to it Incorporating BABY MARY's stylish fashion apparel, the women in Taiwan have a quiet and peaceful position to create affordable, wearable and truly tasteful styles.

Dolce & Gabbana Pope Graphics Series

The luxurious papal style is embraced by the fashion world. Its noble and magnificent style not only interprets the royalty-like nobles, but also conveys people's pursuit and longing for elegant life. This year's papal graphic of Dolce & Gabbana is the ultimate in luxury and elegance. No wonder it is sought after by a large number of celebrities.

Stars Love D&G Luxury Papal Church Style

Zhang Yulin wearing a D&G papal embroidered dress, with a simple plate hair, accessories are also very uniform, dignified and elegant, very standard luxury Papal church style.

Liu Yuling was simply dressed in black with D&G's top, and the papal graphic design on his chest became an absolute highlight. It should be considered the most simple style of the Papal church.


The Pope of Rome is a typical example of the European style. It was born in the sixteenth century. The art style that covers everything has become one of the most distinctive styles in European history. BABY MARY is filled with a strong atmosphere of the Pope in summer. The exotic papal 3D printed color printing is like an ancient mural full of rich artistic atmosphere, fascinating and fascinating. Intricate and blurred printing, comprehensive tough shape, perfect release of softness and fashion beauty!

Salvatore Ferragamo Fun With Thousands Of Birds

The classic kaleidoscope elements continue to shine on the 2014 spring/summer show. Prada, Burberry Prorsum, Sonia Rykiel and many other brands have used it to interpret vintage Variety of Plaid new Look, so that the pattern trend is a strong resurgence.

Salvatore Ferragamo abandoned the re-creation of the classic cross in this season, and boldly adopted the long-settled Houndstooth as the flag of the season, injecting the charm of elegance. Whether it is the model of dress or the godmother of the music, Lady Gaga cannot resist the temptation of Houndstooth.

BABY MARY Hounds of Love

Houndstooth became popular as early as the 19th and 20th centuries, when it was popular with the British royalty and aristocracy. Nowadays, the checkered wind is resounding and the "Hounds of Birds" has been given a new round of favor. After the ingenious evolution of BABY MARY's fashion godfather, Juge, the style of Houndstooth is becoming more and more diverse, and the selection of fabrics is also more abundant. Whether it is knitted or down fabric, it will be able to vividly reflect the retro atmosphere, which is also a fashion trend. People are fascinated by the best reason for houndstooth.

Beautiful Dream Blue Series

The trend is changing, the blue tone is changing, not only navy blue, electro blue, gray blue, cobalt blue ... ... deep and shallow blue tone dress, 2014 BABY MARY fashion godfather JUGE shows all kinds of fashion charm, with Come to the quiet and fascinating visual experience. Tens of thousands of styles disturb your eyeballs. How can such a blue tone stop you from moving?

2014 Spring Summer Fashion Week show field highlights all kinds of blue fashion charm

In the summer, we found our own “heart of the sea” and the feeling of freshness spread throughout the season. Of course, blue dress is the first choice, Fendi 2014 spring and summer, Prada 2014 spring and summer faint blue dress is retro sense, no heavy metal, but staged repeated light and thin sense. Workplace white-collar workers may wish to choose a blue trousers, Fendi's loose wide-leg pants, or Milly classic high-waisted cropped pants, always brings coolness to fashionable women in hot summer. Editor's summary of the summer blue four single product, wearing a touch of blue, with such a simple and cool.

Blue gives people an elegant and glamorous feel. Combined with modern daywear, it is more elegant. This season, BABY MARY is based on the basic style of leisure, relying on blue color, it is still calm and elegant. Even if it is a marine coral print gradient coat, it also resists. Can not live in this quiet color charm.

The new performance is reflected in the denim feel softer, whether in design or match. In the BABY MARY brand, the denim design means a button-up front, a stone-washed denim shirt, a front pleated lace vest, and a distinctively tailored khaki loose-fitting outerwear; while in the design of BABY MARY, denim clothing is reflected A dark denim shirt with a button in the front and a bare-breasted corset.

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