The most complete jade terminology



ç¿¡--The abbreviations of various shades of red in jade, sometimes called "red dragonfly".

Cui - the abbreviation of a variety of shades of green in jade, sometimes called "green."

Purple - the abbreviation of the purple part of the jade, sometimes called "purple" or "violet" or "spring".

Black - the abbreviation of the black part of the jade, there are "black spots", "black silk", "dirty", "black scorpion", "black belt", "black nail" and so on.

The skin--the part of the weathered layer outside the jadeite is called "ç’ž" in ancient China.

绺--Crack cracks caused by various causes in jade.

The meaning of the ground--the background color, the part of the jadeite except the green.

Cui Xing - a unique symbol of jade, is a fibrous, flaky or star-shaped flash of tiny crystals in jade, which is a key feature in the identification of jade.

Jade - a counterfeit, an artificially colored jade.


Stone - fake, a glass or burnt product that pretends to be emerald.

Water head - the degree of transparency of jade, commonly measured in terms of length.

Species - the general term for the green and transparent degree of jade, divided into old species, old new species and new species.

Photographing - a relationship between the emerald green and the earth.

Liting--that is, standing and lying, often refers to a directionality of emerald green.

The depth--that is, the adjectives of dark, light, and jade colors, mainly refers to the color quality.

Shade--that is, the color of the color, the color, the adjective of the jade color, mainly refers to the amount of color.

Flower evenly - the color of the jade is uniform or even, evenly uniform, and the uneven is the flower.

Spiritual death--For the degree of transparency, the transparent person is the spirit, the opaque person is the death; the contrast image is characterized by the reflection of the spirit and the reflection of the death.

Yin and Yang - the color is bright and the open is yang, the color is dark and the stagnation is yin.

Head and tail - the adjectives of the direction and position of the color, the color is thick, strong, hard, poly, wide is the head, the color is light, weak, soft, scattered, narrow is the tail.

Old and new--comparison of jade quality, color thick, long head, outer skin, thin skin, green hard old, light color, short head, no skin, thick skin, green soft is new.

Gathering - the adjectives of color characteristics, color hard, thick, the first is poly, soft, light, and the tail is scattered.


Hard and soft--comparison of jade quality, color rich, poly, fine, long head, tight skin, green skin for the bump is hard, light color, loose, coarse, short head, pine, skin green The recess is soft.

Elasticity - The adjective of jade quality generally refers to the particle size and density of the jade aggregate, and contains a certain degree of soft and hard distinction.

Righteousness and evil--the color is pure, the green is bright and the colorless is the color, while the green is yellow, blue, gray, black, and oily.

Runmu--the jade texture and the green head are better, the jade texture and the green head are poor.


Dirty - dirty colors, impurities or wraps in emerald green.

蔫--The adjective of the emerald green character means that the color is not clear and lacks anger.

The tip--adjective character of the emerald green character means that the color is extremely vivid and beautiful.

Yan--Emerald green shades of adjectives, meaning the meaning of the color of the water.

Qiao--Emerald green and dark adjectives, meaning the lack of beauty. Porcelain - an adjective with the characteristics of emerald green, containing the meaning of stagnation and lack of elves.

Gown--The emerald material has a concentric red layer on the outer layer, which is the red dragonfly. The jadeite in this case is called "wearing gown".

Fog--Jadeite raw material outer layer concentric white or gray dyeing layer, also known as "leather water".

Oil - a characteristic of jade, with a feeling of stagnation and gloom, with the difference of oil green, oil yellow, oil green. Leather bag water: also called water invading or dry heart, white heart. Its characteristic is that after the erosion of the jadeite ore body, a gray dark color invades from the outer jade along the whole jade. The invaded part appears to have better transparency and color, but the interior is still dry.

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