Summer tide female model with exposed umbilical chiffon blouse popular fungus short-sleeved shirt with


The tide of personality is always the style of 10,000 species. Their trendy wear will always attract passersby high frequency back. Attractive posture, decent mix will make people follow suit. Appropriate dew point, vague perspective, in this era of open method, it is not a bad idea. Tide female demonstration collocation, elegant lady you can change a style oh.

安宝儿 - Anboa

Hot summer, are you missing a cool chiffon blouse? This white blouse, black dotted embellishment, lace dress exquisite appearance. Loose version, just to the length of the navel, are the favorite design of women. Pants with a black or green casual pants, very tide girls range of children Oh.

夏季潮女示范搭配 露脐雪纺罩衫流行吗 木耳花短袖衫搭配

Eugen yarn short-sleeved shirt, light and comfortable. Loose version, a good cover of the waist fat. Collar sleeves exquisite fungus embellishment, as a whole to add a sweet atmosphere. Rose red passionate, with gold copper shorts, enchanting eye-catching. Mint green fresh art, with white shorts graceful and pleasant.

The picture comes from: Ya Gemei Dai women

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