A Jenny interpretation of floral gesture like thousands of women portrayal


In today's small fresh and in power, as long as Speaking of flowers, whether handsome or beautiful first thought should be fresh pastoral style. The pursuit of realistic floral more than that. In addition to fresh, floral variety of performance through a variety of different interpretation, the same is exciting.
Floral like a production plant travel bard poet, traveled through every corner of the fashion world, with its gentle and passionate, and different women met, its wild features and different women understand different personality integration Continuously compose a paragraph of passage far-reaching chapter.

阿珍妮演绎碎花千般姿态  刻画女子万种风情

A Jenny interpretation of floral thousands gesture, portrays thousands of women's style.

Elegant Floral has always been considered a very "grounded" element, more suitable for small home jasper like a gentle woman. But when the floral encounter her, everything is completely different.
She has a generous family background, good conversation and superior temperament. When she was wearing that floral elegant floral sleeveless dress appeared in the streets, the passers-by have lamented, the original floral skirt actually can be so Xianqi full. High-profile design allows her tall and more outstanding figure more exquisite, sleeveless exposed lotus arms crystal clear. Into the abstract elements of the school, so that the printing of the skirts have a famous painting as the unique temperament, of course, people feel noble quality.

A slight breeze blowing, she slightly head, hand slightly suppressed the hair was blown, but did not pay attention to the floral dress blossoming dress but fluttering in the wind, so she was like an instantaneous decline of the goddess , Sitting on the inverted beings appearance, but has a calm and calm temperament.


Each person's personality is not just a single kind, such as we sometimes have both cheerful and introverted double personality, so when she was wearing a calm and elegant and bright and moving are the two conflicting temperament at the same time in bloom When the floral dress together appeared, all of them were captured and breathed. Large multicolored printing people can not help but think of the sun shining on the beautiful flowers, for each gorgeous are coated with a layer of gold, full of romantic flavor almost all people who have her The feeling of happiness to dizziness. Her exquisite face is also bright and beautiful. Like a fluttering flower butterfly. Through that pair of pure black high heels, could not help but feel the beauty and calm behind her bright and elegant. Even more people intoxicated.

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