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White-collar ladies, give up the strict restraint of the way of life. Open your heart, brave to chase, in the numerous modern life to find the share of their own pleasure.

Refused to mediocrity and sophistication, charming and contrived, we need is an honest show. Enjoy yourself, we applaud you! Style Woman from the elegant and romantic atmosphere of western Europe, advocating cozy, calm and confident life philosophy. We are committed to providing the best dress for modern women. Whether it is work, shopping, leisure and even party, can find the most suitable mix here, everywhere to show a woman's unique charm and extraordinary temperament.

Style Woman brand was founded in 2002, share with you the beauty of the moment. Every muse, are caused by the truth, naturally revealed. Each minute of detail, is the point to stop, wonderful eye-catching. Classic and stylish, elegant and casual, business and sports are in this perfect collision of passion and integration. Combining the European fashion trends with the gentle and subtle aesthetic conceptions of Chinese women, it is an ideal choice for modern Chinese women.

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Style Woman brand positioning in the 30-40-year-old urban white-collar women. They have a certain social status and knowledge, the pursuit of elegant, confident, stylish way of life. White-collar women, is a group of fashion life full of longing, unwilling lonely fashion class.

They are beautiful and generous, graceful passionate; elegant temperament, extraordinary charm; warm and chic, romantic and vibrant.

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