Green cool casual wear a touch of military green brought masculinity


Green cool casual wear flagship military brigade fashion, to absorb the military green clothing and natural green, a combination of casual and stylish style, to modern city people bring relaxed and comfortable feeling, tired of summer colorful fancy dress, off Tired under the occupation dress, return to nature, to show true style. General green and navy stitching together, calm and more in a tough temperament. Cleverly in the left and right sides of the splicing reached the body modification curve effect. Self-cultivation of the design, with bright lines more significant edge of the original design. Also designed couple models, lovers can show their loving generous. Generals wind into the women's favorite skirt into the wind. Military coat style improved into a skirt style, with light-colored placket splicing, studded with a bead in the chest pocket and placket, even more capable temperament. With a thin belt can be adjusted with the body curve. Very innovative uniforms wind dress, allowing you to easily eye-catching.

Felt Tree Insert Decoration

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