Korea Bibi fashion shoes and apparel integrated children's fashion 2013 Winter Order will be held in Wenzhou


After a long period of careful planning and preparation, South Korea than I children's fashion shoes and apparel integration 2013 Winter Order will be held July 16 to 18 in Wenzhou. It is understood that this will be unprecedented compared to my order, the new series of children's wear, children's shoes will set off a new round of trend of the storm, so that children's dress more stylish and more comfortable. Passionate July, "Bibi I" will be presented to your magnificent visual feast. At the time of the vast number of dealers and agents all the attention. Wenzhou Bibi I Footwear Co., Ltd., South Korea than my brand children's shoes in the Chinese market distributor. The company advocates the business philosophy of "science and technology builds quality, creates brand with love", and relies on the unique brand culture of South Korea's Bibi Garments and Footwear Co., Ltd., rich international marketing experience and mature brand store operation mode to jointly develop the Chinese market. Bibi compared to my brand of shoes and apparel to hundreds of millions of children in China to bring a surprise, South Korea than I brand shoes and apparel more insight has brought a golden opportunity for investment. Bibi Garments & Footwear Co., Ltd., founded in Korea, is a large multinational brand company specializing in children's growth equipment that is stylish, confident and brave. It is prepared for the new generation of parents who have the intellectual and modern taste. Bibi I advocate the new futurism, with avant-garde themes such as natural environmental protection products, fully meet the modern parents of children's fashion personality and high-quality texture of the deep requirements. It has a variety of ability to assume responsibility for the integration of boys and girls, in order to better promote Korean culture, so when it is with the boy he plays the role of a boy, when she is with the girl she plays as a girl Role, the last regardless of boys and girls regarded him as a friend, given that it likes to express themselves through the game, so, everyone gave it a name: Bibi I.

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