Summer wild high-heeled shoes metal snakes love


Ben Wang July 10 hearing, if this year popular a wild shoes, a pair can match the entire wardrobe, then this pair of shoes is none other than Giuseppe Zanotti. From the red carpet to the street beat to the photo, it can be found everywhere.

Jennifer Lopez's white jumpsuit is paired with Giuseppe Zanotti's high-heeled metal heels. Gold is the finishing touch.

Nicole Scherzinger, former lead singer of the Wildcats, chose this pair of shoes on the red carpet. It seems to be a wild model.

If there is a pair of beautiful shoes, it will certainly show no regrets, Naomi Harris's one-shoulder dress is boring, but this pair of shoes is worth a look.

Anja Rubiko's skirt is already enough to catch the eye of the shoe.

The golden metal curve is not as strong as black, so even if it is on the foot, there is no effect of shortening the leg length. Instead, it also lengthens the instep and lower leg.

Shoes or good shoes, is full-height people wear thin high-heeled shoes will make people feel scared.

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