Pure natural fiber underwear to create a deep thoughtful United States opened the fortune era


As a sunrise industry, more and more franchisees turn their attention to the underwear industry. Women want to have a good body, in addition to exercise, naturally inseparable from the underwear, and today's women pay more attention to the underwear health and safety. The natural beauty of natural fiber underwear with a deep understanding of women's inner needs, the use of bamboo fiber, Wula grass fiber, lotus fiber, collagen and other fabrics as the main, to fill gaps in domestic and international similar products.


Natural fiber underwear, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, hygroscopic, smooth, non-fading, soft, not easy to deform, breathable, beneficial blood circulation promptly excretion of toxins from the body, therefore, is known as breathing underwear. With the United States mysterious plant active biological clock gene precise repair female breast sub-health problems.

Pure natural fiber underwear, to create a deep thoughtful, with the United States opened a new era of wealth. Three shared, nine support, 29,000 yuan to shop, send light when the boss.

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