Tips for identifying the authenticity of pearls


Different from the enamel of diamonds, the magnificent and elegant pearls are born with a kind of "beautiful glory", and their distinctive Huaguang and refined temperament have been loved by people since ancient times.

Pearl products are also called imitation beads. There are three kinds of the most common imitation beads:

1. Wax-filled glass imitation beads: filled with paraffin wax in a hollow round milky white ball. This kind of beads is light in weight and light in weight. It can be distinguished by hand. The needle is used to detect the inside of the bead. Its appearance is smooth and can not be inscribed with a needle;

2, solid glass imitation beads: soak the white solid glass ball in the "real pearl liquid", use the needle to move from the hole, its appearance will fall off in pieces, no small scale-like powder;

3, plastic coating imitation beads: plating a layer of "true pearl liquid" outside the milky white plastic beads, use the needle to pick the hole, the appearance will also fall off into pieces, no small scale-like powder, with acupuncture appearance can feel subcutaneous Glass material.

Usually, the two pearls rub against each other, the surface of which has a sandy feel, and the imitation beads rub against each other, feeling very smooth, without sand feeling - this is the easiest way to identify the authenticity of the pearl.

There are many colors of pearls: white, gold, silver, pink, red, black, blue, gray, etc. Among them, white with a little rose red is the best, blue and black with metallic luster is especially good, but if you see obvious The black and gray pearls should be vigilant and may be stained beads. The method of distinguishing dyed and true color pearls is: natural black pearls are not pure black, but dark blue black with a rainbow-like glitter, or black with a bronze hue; dyed pearls are grayish black and black, with monotonous color and poor gloss. If the pearl is scrubbed with a little 5% dilute nitric acid in the cloth, there will be black marks on the cloth. When buying expensive black pearls, pay special attention.

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