Blue-purple shirt skirt with a shoulder strap playful playful age


In summer, beautiful chiffon shirt chiffon skirt has always been a favorite of fashion girls single product. Light texture, cool fabric, does give people a good mood. Used to seeing a fresh dress, it is better to try the dark line, purple-blue shirt, skirt is also very nice. Look at these two sets of dress below, will it be your favorite type?


This dark blue short sleeve print shirt, simple style. Comfortable fabric is very effective to reduce the age of the skin. Peach heart collar collar skirt design is very sweet, with a nine-point sleeve below the pants, fresh and charming. Exotic match, will let you suddenly a little more sure appreciation of the eyes, giving a very good impression.

蓝紫色衬衫裙装搭配 双肩背带裙俏皮减龄

This light purple and purple fake two-piece stitching elegant fashion. A unique dress, very casual range of children. Shoulder strap design is very playful naughty. The following with a black or nude color stockings will be more feminine. If you match with a bright color of the chain will add a lot of color as a whole oh.

Picture comes from: her song of women's clothing

Church Candle is used for church, for praying,for memorial. candle lighted by worshiper in church.

Candle originated in the original era of the torch. Primitive man fat or wax like on bark or wood, tied together, made for the lighting of the torch. At about third Century BC the beeswax candles may be seen today. In the west, there is a period of time, the temple in beekeeping to self-made wax, this is mainly because the Catholic church that Mila is a symbol of a virgin conception, so the beeswax as pure light, dedicated to the altar of the church. From the existing literature, beeswax in our country have roughly same time with the west, Japan is in the Nara period (710 to 784 years) in our country was introduced into the candle of, and compared to modern candle, ancient candles have many shortcomings. The Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin, "when he cut a total of west window candle" of the poem

Church Candles

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