LED screen light drive one, light drive separation comparison analysis


In terms of LED display circuit board, it is generally composed of a light board and a driving board. At present, there are two design schemes on the market, one is the combination of the lamp drive and the other is the separation of the lamp drive. This issue of Xiaobian will explain to you what is the combination of the light drive and what is the separation of the light drive.

The combination of the lamp and the driver is that the LED lamp and the driver IC are all on one PCB board, and the IC is on the front side of the pcb, eliminating the need for a copper bus plug. The advantage is that there is no inductance effect and no screen. The downside is that maintenance is troublesome.

The separation of the lamp drive is that the LED is on a separate PCB board, and the driver IC is on another PCB board. The two PCB boards are connected by means of pin headers and busbars to achieve normal operation.

The use of lamp flooding is generally due to several reasons:

First: the LED screen adopts the plug-in led, and the LED's lamp foot affects the normal placement of the back-drive IC, so the lamp-drive separation method is adopted;

Second: the spacing of the led screens is too small, affecting the routing of the PCB board lines in the electronic design, and the wiring area of ​​the PCB board can be increased by the method of separating the lamp drives.

Third: it is good for heat dissipation without affecting the display effect of the LED. If the light source is combined, when the density of the LED light is very large (that is, when the LED screen spacing is small), the heat of the driving IC is working. It will be very high. At this time, the heat of the driving IC will directly affect the LED light of the IC through the PCB, so that the color of the LED lamp changes. This is not the case with lamp drive separation.

Comparison of lamp drive and lamp drive separation:

1, from the cost point of view: the cost of a light drive unit is slightly lower.

2, from the maintenance point of view: the light drive separation is easy to repair, because he can replace each other to detect, and the lamp drive separation lights are concentrated together, it is easy to change the lamp.

3. From the perspective of heat dissipation, the separation of the lamp drive is more conducive to heat dissipation.

To sum up: The general indoor scanning screen (because the number of chips is small) uses a relatively large number of light-drives (cost-saving), while most of the outdoor uses a form of light-drive separation to extend the screen effect and life.

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