T100: In the "three sources of business" to discuss the transformation and upgrading of China's children's clothing


As the cradle of merchants, merchandise and commerce, Shangqiu in Henan Province is well known as the birthplace of "fire culture." And behind the heavy history, Shangqiu is actually "China Knitwear City," is also one of the nation's four major knitted children's clothing production base. June 18, 2015 Shangqiu, China textile and apparel footwear exhibition grand opening, "Internet + win the future - 2015 China (Shangqiu) Knitted Children's Industry Summit Forum" also held over the same period. Forum, China Textile Industry Association Assistant to the president, China Knitting Industry Association Yang Shibin, Donghua University professor Zhang Peihua, T100 parent-child wear founder Dong Wenmei and other industry leaders, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs and the news media, etc. have on the Internet + background Under the development of China's children's clothing and Shangqiu knitwear industry restructuring and upgrading were discussed. China Knitting Industry Association President Yang Shibin from the inventory of big data, focusing on dual markets and the development of new opportunities for the current situation of three knitwear industry made a report. He believes that in the face of the new situation, especially the "One Belt and One Road" strategy put forward by the country, the growing Chinese market and the growing Internet market, the knitting industry should seize the opportunity to create new industry with information, intelligence and automation Advantage. Shangqiu strong industrial base, significant regional competitiveness, especially the knitted children's clothing industry has been rapid development in recent years, but also facing tremendous pressure on the transformation and upgrading of the forum is bound to build a regional brand Shangqiu knitted children's clothing industry, to accelerate Transformation and upgrading bring new inspiration and wisdom, "said Yang Shibin. T100 founder Dong Wenmei to "T100 Dream China Dream" as a theme for the brand development model experience sharing. She said: "Based on the doctor's experience, the T100 is like a doctor doing children's clothing, children's wear brand development quality is the first.Especially in the new normal, but also pay attention to the user is supreme, experience is king, rapid response and leveraging the Internet + In order to realize the long-term development of the brand. "As the parent-child psychology instructor in China, the founder of T100, the parent company of children's clothing brand in Chengdu, Guangdong province, the first parent to receive the title of" Top Ten Fashion Designers in China " Children's wear designer, Dong Wenmei has repeatedly been invited with the leaders of the state to visit the United States, Germany and other places to attend the 2014 APEC Business Leaders Meeting and other major events, the media as the "Queen of children's clothing." She founded the T100 children's clothing and the concept of development, has been more and more consumer recognition and love. In the forum, Dong Wenmei also shared some hot topics such as internet thinking and the fourth industrial revolution, stressing that China has stepped into the ranks of "top-middle-income countries," the expansion of the elite group and the promotion of consumption. This will promote "low-cost China" To the "quality of China" change, the pursuit of quality and individual consumption will become the mainstream. Therefore, Chinese brands need to advance with the times. Zhang Peihua, a professor at Donghua University, made a brilliant discussion on the development direction and new trend of knitted products and knitted children's wear. She suggested that the next five years will be the golden age of the children's wear industry, knitted children's clothing to be soft, comfortable, healthy and safe, stylish personality and practical, diversified direction, in particular, to high-quality parity, differentiation and high value-added As a means to actively explore the market. Finally, the attending leaders, experts and scholars also held discussions and discussions with Shangqiu knitted children's clothing enterprises on face-to-face exchanges and interactions with entrepreneurs in the new normal, leveraging on Internet thinking, product development, brand positioning and market expansion. Shangqiu knitted children's clothing enterprises to learn to Baotuan heating, and constantly carry out efficient industrial chain optimization and integration, starting from the product quality, started the regional brands, bigger children's wear industry.

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