Underwear brand how to choose? Parli show flowery soft underwear


Natural flowers swaying in the wind and the breeze, dancing, you across the sunshine of the halo or shallow rain curtain, can not move unobtrusive line of sight - a woman love flowers, seems to be an alternative, so that their delicate and flirtatious Flowers, or glamorous beauty, or quiet in the corner of the garden, waiting to know how to care for the flower lovers love ... ... Paribou show underwear 2015 new listing, take you to see a flower of the fluttering dance.


Pink camellia blooming beautiful enough glamorous, but the Parli show lingerie more taste of the treasures camellia, a red outline of the "scratching the face of beauty," delicate, delicate lace weaving lace at the edge of the red Even the shoulder strap are petals delicate petals.


Mint green bra underwear, is the crease swinging ripples, tidbits composed of stripes, lace outline the pattern, bra edge lace and underwear fish wing, mermaid and flower combination, to tell you a romantic love story.


Palace of the gorgeous, show on the underwear, flower hooks into checkered, three-dimensional gold floral embellishment in the cup, the flowers on the shoulder strap carved out the vivid sense of embossing, in the privacy of the world, a delicate freehand Dance of flowers.

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