Take care of your jade, don't let it change prices!


The "species" of jadeite determines the price of jadeite. Some jadeites are born in the emperor's family and thus worth the price. Some jadeites are born in the marquis, so they are expensive. Some jadeites from rural villages have to be cheap. However, regardless of the value of jade, the variant "Jade" has fallen in price.


The emerald that has been worn for a long time has turned yellow?

I bought a piece of good jade many years ago. You wear it every day, day after day, year after year. As a result, one day you find that it has turned green but turned yellow! How is this going? Is the jade stolen? No, in fact, your jade is just a variant.

● Variants are normal natural phenomena

The reason for the jade variant is different from the superhuman beings that have been modified by various external factors such as radiation, laser, nuclear explosion, etc. The variant of jade is a normal natural phenomenon that all natural minerals will occur.


● tender "species" jade easy to change

Jadeite is made up of many minerals in the depths of the earth's crust. The finer the particles of the constituent minerals, the denser the structure, the older the "species" of jadeite, and the more tender it is.

The “earth” old jade has a high density, water head, strong abrasion resistance and good durability; “the seed” has a small density of jade, less water head, weak abrasion resistance and poor durability. Therefore, the "species" tender jade is loose in structure, and the liquid adsorbate in the crystal gap is easily volatilized, so that the head is lost, dried, yellowed, etc., and is more susceptible to variety.

●How do you know that the jade has not changed?

The jade variant has the following performances: the field is unknown, the land is difficult to distinguish, the hardness is low, the specific gravity is light, the hair is dry, the color is yellow, and the green is black. In addition to the "nen" species of jade is easy to change, the oily blue jade is the most common and most common.


The oily blue jade variant begins with yellowing from the edge, then slowly loses moisture, and finally becomes yellow, black and dry.

What should I do if the jade is changed?

The jade has changed, and the first reaction of many people is that since it has become ugly, it will definitely have no value. Wearing it will only be a good person. In fact, although the jade variant will fall in price, don’t rush to throw the jade into the grocery box. We still have a way to recover the variants of jade.

●The jade variant will fall in price:

Maybe you used to pay a big price for the jade that has something to do with yourself, but for various reasons it has now changed, and because it can't be cut and produced, it basically loses its original value, so the price drop has to face The embarrassing situation.


However, there are still a very small number of varieties of jade, although the variety, but the green is attractive, you can appreciate the stone retention, but also as a specimen to identify the true and false, so don't kill the mutant jade.

● Do not discard the jade variant:

If the jade is changed, don't rush to discard it. We should promptly send the jade to the regular shop for cleaning. The yellow and dry jade will be re-waxed and polished. In addition, some rough stones are not yellowed because of the variety, but because of oxidation, the same can be restored after polishing.

Correct wear and maintenance to avoid variants

There are not many cases of jade and yellowing. As long as the jade is properly worn and maintained, the phenomenon of jade can be avoided:


●How to properly wear jade:

1. Wear or hold the jade, use the left hand for the front frequency, and use the right hand for the negative energy.

2. Do not place the jade at will. If you don't wear it for a while, you need to pack it in a safe place.

3. Lubricate the palm with a moisturizer before wearing the bracelet, then slowly rotate the bracelet into it. The easy way is to put on the plastic wrap and then wear a bracelet.


●What to pay attention to when maintaining jade:

1. Avoid collision with hard objects: Although the fine collisions are not visible, there are dark cracks, which make the jade easy to be eroded.

2. Avoid exposure to sunlight: Strong sunlight will increase the volume of jade molecules and affect the texture of jadeite.

3. Avoid contact with chemicals: artificially mild pickling (such as over-acid plum, poor polishing, etc.) can also cause variants of jade.

4. Avoid dust and oil: The jade that is stained with dust or oil is cleaned with a soft brush and light soapy water, and dried with a soft white cloth.

5. Regular cleaning: Generally, it should be cleaned once every time. After cleaning, wipe it with a dry cloth until it is shiny.

6. Frequent wear: Emeralds that are not worn for a long time will be "water loss" in the long-term box.


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