CARMEN [elegant wild single product - A-line skirt (A-line skirt]]


Summer so much the choice of American clothing, often do not know what to wear? Recommended for everyone a wild single product - A word skirt (A-line skirt).

A-line skirt has a unique self-cultivation function, a narrow waist design can perfectly show your waist lines, spray-like skirt will give people a rich sense of elegance.

卡蔓 - Carmen

When it comes to elegance, I have to mention Audrey Hepburn, the Roman-style, classic A-line long skirt with white shirt sitting on a stone staircase.

CARMEN【優雅的百搭單品---A字裙(A-line skirt)】

Black and white with no mistakes, able and highlights the unique elegance of women and graceful lines.

CARMEN【優雅的百搭單品---A字裙(A-line skirt)】

Summer can also come a little bright colors, bright orange and white shirt with both warm and fresh.

CARMEN【優雅的百搭單品---A字裙(A-line skirt)】

Streaks are a classic that never goes out of fashion, but with a naughty twist on the classic.

CARMEN【優雅的百搭單品---A字裙(A-line skirt)】

Close to nature's color and delicate printed A-line skirts easily let you become a street scene.

CARMEN【優雅的百搭單品---A字裙(A-line skirt)】

Whether you want to be a young student girl who always distributes youthful vitality or an elegant urban girl One good tailoring and a formal A-shaped dress should be your good choice.

Time will pass, and fashion never ends.

At the moment, meaningful flow.

Carmen, dedicated to the story you!

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