Summer outing street wear what? Summer mens wear outfit recommended


Summer dating out what to wear, this is a lot of people are worried about the issue of the hot summer for men's wear, to be simple but also decent, T-shirt + casual pants with the ordinary, but as long as the matching skills , But also able to piercing the tide to Oh! Xiaobian together to see it! Green and white stripes of this V-neck short-sleeved T-shirt, green cuff stitching to enhance the overall sense of color, with a stylish small V-neck and chest medal printing pocket design, more young gentlemanly taste. With a pair of dark blue denim slacks, black shallow casual shoes, slightly curled up trousers, revealing a sexy ankle, make your appointment dress even more fashion sense. Vintage burgundy, plus the white flower chest printing and letter embellishment, very British flavor. With eye-catching turquoise casual suit pants, and the upper body to a clear color hit color, to bring a strong visual impact, highlighting the men's fashion taste. Image Source: Lee Riley brand men's clothing

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