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[China Glass Network] With the improvement of the living standards of the society, people's quality requirements for life are getting higher and higher. On how to choose a building film; the first scandal is still a fog for many owners. Our Shijiazhuang distributor recently received many questions from such customers. According to the region's unique “furnace” climate and property community building distance; our physical conditions to choose what kind of architectural film, our engineers are a little careful; here for your reference research .

To get the right choice for a building film, first understand what a building film is. Why do you want to apply a film? I only know what kind of architectural film I put on. Ordinary window glass can not be shaded, nor can it be insulated. The coated glass with color can block light, but it can't be insulated. A light-colored film that can be insulated and shaded (called "architectural glass film" or "insulation explosion-proof film") has emerged as a new type of glass covering material and has been well received by users.

Building foils are now a must for glass retrofits. Stylish and modern. Building energy-saving insulation film is a new type of window glass insulation material that replaces old-fashioned sun paper. It has good transparency and no blind spots. High thermal insulation, UV protection, explosion-proof and other excellent performance, these properties are not available in old-fashioned sun paper and curtains. Therefore, when using the purchase, several performance indicators closely related to the quality of the film should not be ignored:

(A). Transmittance and clarity of the film;

This is a more important performance in the performance of the window film regarding the indoor lighting of the user. Sun paper and tinted glass, which have been used extensively in the past, are very dark in color and have a very low transmittance (generally below 20% or even lower). After the window glass is pasted, it is dark, which affects the transmission of light in the room, which makes the environment become depressed. Therefore, if you choose a product with a lower floor and a lower floor, you can imagine the effect. . However, the glass film does not have such drawbacks.

(B). Insulation rate is an important indicator of thermal insulation performance;

The common film commonly seen on the market has only transparency, but no heat insulation rate, and some even have no indicators. After these films are installed on the window glass, the infrared radiation heat still enters the room in a large amount, and the interior is very hot, but the real Because the energy-saving heat-insulating film has a high reflectivity to infrared radiation, a large amount of heat is reflected off, so the indoor temperature is naturally much lower. Even if the sunlight is taken into the room, there is no burning sensation, and the heat insulation effect is checked. An intuitive method of (insulation rate) can be used with a hot-baked light box tester device with a data display. Sam's architectural membrane itself separates the thermal energy-saving membrane, decorative environmental protection membrane and explosion-proof safety membrane; such as SR20 and the above-mentioned several, if the floor spacing is better, there is a one-way perspective glass membrane, which is not seen outdoors. It is very suitable to look at the outdoor indoors and see the glass film like S-GN. It is not afraid of spring light in the hot weather at home! It is a pleasant thing to be able to broaden your horizons without having to dress them tightly.

(C). Performance of explosion-proof membranes;

This is another important performance related to safety; the general solar paper or inferior explosion-proof membrane material is different from the real explosion-proof membrane. The diaphragm is very thin, the hand feel is soft, lacks sufficient toughness, is not resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and is easy to age and embrittle. When encountering accidental collision or foreign object attack, the diaphragm is easy to break, and the glass cannot be stuck together. The explosion-proof membrane is made of a special polyester film as the substrate, and the film itself has strong toughness and is matched with special Pressure sensitive adhesive and metal layer, when the glass encounters an accidental collision, the glass is smashed and stuck together, and the debris will not splash around. When a thief hits a window, it can increase the impact resistance of the glass. Such as the protection of the security guards, etc. are good choices, of course, the level of explosion-proof membranes are several times different from each other. Don't waste your money, and don't lose the expected explosion-proof requirements because of the price choice. For example, there are residents around your home. Then the two kinds of guardian gods and protectors can be satisfied, because these two kinds of explosion-proof membranes have not reached the bulletproof level. If the thieves hit the glass with wooden sticks and bricks, they must hit dozens or more before they can break. The purpose of the window, but so many hits will inevitably cause the surrounding residents to notice, if the thief continues to sin, haha, this is a stupid thief. If the surrounding residents are far away, and there are often no residents living, then consider the installation of explosion-proof warriors and counter-strikes. These two kinds of membranes can be called thieves to do nothing. If your love home is a remote mansion and you are in a high position, there is also a bulletproof copper wall iron wall film that is your preference.

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