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Abby, a grizzly bear from a farm in England, is the most beloved star in the Cubs family and loves dad and mom more than his brothers, Teddy and cousin Pooh, say Out of the manor to make friends with other small partners, both adults and children are like him, everyone affectionately call him Abby. Abby has a shy but slightly quiet appearance, but without losing the naughty children, always like to be close to other small partners, and sometimes even spoiled, his face a sweet smile, he always It is polite to use "sir", "lady" or "lady" to address others. Abby is curious about everything and enjoys playing, picnicking and exploring the woods with friends from different places. Eat his favorite honey, milk and strawberries. Returning to the manor, he also likes jam sandwiches and cocoa, and in life he always endeavors to do everything.