Daphne women's shoes bloom in early summer


This May 4 hearing, what is the most popular fashion element in spring this year? The spring of 2012 fashion magazines do our interpretation of the "sweet style", "cute wind" spring fashion trends. Daphne, the international women's shoe brand known for its "fashion guide", released its latest "Sugar-sweetheart" series of shoes this spring. In the warm and radiant style, it also set off a sweet and fashionable new trend for this spring fashion. Regardless of whether you have the fresh and refined look of the next-door girl or the elegance of Fashion OL, here you can find sweet spring fashion that belongs to you.

Daphne's "Ginger Sweetheart" series of shoes not only combines the sweet and beautiful temperament, noble and elegant design, but also have the characteristics of wearing comfortable, you love the United States quickly faded one of the bloated and burnout, put on a fresh and beautiful, try to make their own mood Great sweet dress up! Let Daphne accompany you to enjoy the sweet story of your own, bloom is its own unique charm.

Japanese style, show your gentle heart

Japanese style, show your gentle heart

The gorgeous and high-profile mirror material, full of Japanese-style bows, makes the shoes look warmer and more noble, and can reflect women's unique gentleness and grace. The wild energy of black high-heeled shoes is also obvious to all. With professional wear and trousers, even if it is a formal occasion, you can use it with ease.

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