Green Lin underwear if you write a new chapter in the color of women's underwear


Guangdong Shantou Chaonan Li Hao garment factory is a design, production, sales and service in an integrated underwear business. We adhere to the "people-oriented, love the customer; to Germany as the soul, Dress up women" for the purpose of product-oriented, market-oriented, dedicated to professional commitment to the cause of underwear, toward looking for the road, practical every step , Unswervingly move forward, write Huacai chapter.


We not only provide women with fine workmanship, novel style, high quality underwear products to meet the needs of women from all walks of life, and committed to disseminating the culture of women's underwear, so that women have a healthy, elegant and noble life.

葛琳若内衣  谱写女性内衣华彩新篇章

The company's underwear products with its new fashion style, elegant materials, excellence, the pursuit of perfect technology, caring prices and personal service, won the public's ignorant. This year, we promote the elite brand - Green Lin , then advocating comfortable, stylish and unrestrained romantic feelings, into the brand's cultural connotation and the infinite pursuit of the United States, the company adhering to the customer first, quality first, the credibility of the first Business purposes. Welcome new and old customers throughout the visit!