2012-2016 China Garment Market Analysis and Development Trend Research Report


Introduction: China's apparel industry development review, China's apparel industry market development environment analysis, analysis of the development status of the apparel industry, China's clothing industry trade market development analysis, clothing industry, raw materials and machinery equipment market development analysis, clothing industry's main product market analysis, apparel product design Analysis of the development of self-owned brands, analysis of business models in China's apparel industry, analysis of distribution models and segmentation channels in China's apparel industry, market analysis of key areas in China's apparel industry, analysis of market competition in China's apparel industry, analysis of production and operation of major enterprises in China's apparel industry, 2012 - China's garment industry development trend and investment analysis in 2016.

Data sources and research methods:

Interview with relevant experts, vendors, channel distributors, business (sales) personnel and customers in the industry to obtain the latest primary market information;

Akai Consulting Group's long-term monitoring of collected data;

Industry associations, National Bureau of Statistics, General Administration of Customs, National Development and Reform Commission, State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other government departments and official agencies of the data and information;

Industry open information;

Quarterly reports, annual reports and other public information of industry enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises;

Database materials of various types of Chinese and English journals, libraries, research institutes, and colleges and universities;

Expert opinion published by industry experts;

Continuity comparison of important data indicators in the industry, reflecting industry trends;

Through the expert consultation, group discussion, desktop research and other methods on the core data and ideas for repeated arguments.

Report Profile:

In December 2011, China produced 2.44 billion garments, an increase of 3.93% year-on-year. Data show that from January to December 2011, the national apparel output reached 25.4 billion pieces, an increase of 8.14% year-on-year. Among them, 13.3 billion woven garments accounted for 52.37% of the total output; 12.4 billion knitted garments accounted for 47.63% of the total output. From the perspective of the output of all provinces and cities, from January to December 2011, the production of garments in Guangdong Province reached 5.98 billion, an increase of 4.44% year-on-year, accounting for 23.52% of the country's total output. Followed by Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong, which accounted for 14.94%, 14.29% and 12.27% of the total output respectively.

The “Analysis and Development Trends of China's Apparel Market 2012-2016” published by Aike Data Research Center has a total of 13 chapters. First introduced the clothing related overview, the Chinese clothing market operating environment, etc., then analyzed the current situation of the development of China's clothing market, and then introduced the market operation situation of China's clothing key areas. Subsequently, the report analyzes the operating conditions of key Chinese garment companies, and finally analyzes the development trends and investment forecasts of China's garment industry. If you want to have a systematic understanding of the apparel industry or want to invest in the apparel industry, this report is an indispensable and important tool for you.

The data of this research report mainly uses national statistical data, the General Administration of Customs, questionnaire survey data, and data collected by the Ministry of Commerce. The macroeconomic data mainly comes from the National Bureau of Statistics, and some industry statistics come from the National Bureau of Statistics and market survey data. The corporate data come mainly from the National Bureau of Statistics' scale enterprise statistics database and stock exchanges. The price data mainly come from various markets. Monitoring database.

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