The MCS 2012 Fall Winter Collection continues to discover the true western United States


MCS 2012 Fall Winter Collection Continues to Discover Real American West Chris Adolf, Joe Sampson, Adam Baumiester, and Logan Cocoran - Orchestra Cody and Jared - Twin Brothers Jessica, Manon, David and Kodi - The Salvation Press Press Release Stories of Success in True Story This season We The People describes the true story of three different stories, leading us to a deeper understanding of American traditional culture, exploring young rock bands, twin brothers and a rescue team, in which the three short films describe them Relationship with each other and close friends. A young rock band, a pair of twin field survival coach and a mountain rescue team, they are the MCS 2012 autumn and winter We the People advertising in real life protagonist. The latest quarter's We the People campaign reinforces the brand by converting the first three words of the U.S. constitution into powerful ads. The three short films portray the value of shaping relationships and solidifying group relationships, telling certain compelling figures, and how they captured the spirit of the United States and deeply interact with the land. Orchestra: Chris Adolf, Joe Sampson, Adam Baumiester, and Logan Cocoran as "Bad Weather California California Bad Weather," a founding member of the optimistic rock group Inspired by On the Road. They love music to the same extent as ordinary people, and whenever new experiences are found, unfamiliar places or faces are happier. Twins: Cody and Jared Hager are 28-year-old twins from California who love to enjoy the pristine natural scenery. They teach field survival techniques, which are their job and the way they contribute their energy, how they relate to each other, and how they love life. Relief Team: Brekenridge Ski Resort Relief Team, Colorado: Jessica (39), Manon (48), David (63) and Kodi (7), two women, one male and one dog. Frequent risking their lives to save others, unconditional mutual trust is the basis for their formation of the rescue team. The autumn / winter 2012-13 collection highlights the key elements of MCS: returning to the roots of the brand with the vision of using customer identity as a core brand value to reflect the extraordinary and authentic American culture and to share passion, desire and emotion with customers . We The People is a multi-media interactive ad, which is now in the second quarter and can be used with us on the web or in the U.S. into Western American culture.

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