Detonate the focus of fashion, beautiful young lady Jiangmen store bloom!


In the late summer and early autumn, the beautiful Poseidon Jiangmen new store full bloom, the opening of the new store increased public consumers and Yingxiu fashion lingerie product contact channels for more people to experience the superior performance body lingerie products provide a convenient. Whether it is simple store design, multi-series body sculpting underwear products, or the meticulous service, allow consumers to come to the British pride beauty lingerie experience will be able to fully understand the beauty of the brand essence and philosophy.



Underwear has long been more than just an ordinary clothing, but also known as a fashion mirror. For a long time, the Division I constantly break the Secretary-General is not just the production of underwear technology, pay more attention to creative design with originality to bring women pure and stylish aesthetic experience. The handsome beauty Jiangmen new store grand opening, force the Chinese market a new journey.



Yingli beauty underwear brand underwear Co., Ltd. Dongguan Yingzi beauty underwear brand, beauty underwear Brand lingerie with colorful and decent personality, personal comfort Zhuoer extraordinary feeling, and gradually formed its own unique charm, for the majority of women Beloved

Yingzi beauty is a professional R & D, fast-running underwear-based international lingerie brand operating group. After years of development, the company has now started its business operations in 32 major cities and regions in mainland China, with nearly 100 self-owned stores and more than 1,800 franchise outlets. Over 500 people have set up underwear design, research and development, production and marketing together Elite service team.

   Product Category: Polypropylene Rope, made of 100% polypropylene (PP) raw material, woven by drawing, twisting, and processing. The cable has a light specific gravity and excellent water repellency, which is very efficient in ship operations. High-cost performance, it is the most used product in the cable market. Its tensile strength is higher than that of Polyethylene Rope. There are 3-strand, 8-strand, and 12-strand polypropylene monofilament and polypropylene filament rope, Dan line polypropylene rope and polypropylene filament double braid. rope, has good wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good water leaching, anti-ultraviolet radiation, mostly used for ship mooring, towing cable, marine fishing, marine breeding, etc. 

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8-strand polypropylene filament rope

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