PATTAD brand women's autumn and winter 2012 new release


PATTAD brand women's autumn and winter 2012 new release, PATTAD women's autumn and winter series from the intellectual simplicity, fashion life, elegant banquet three series starting from different occasions feel PATTAD women's psychological appeal. To create an independent soft and sexy style, leaving people difficult to stop thinking, and PATTAD will also continue her elegant story ......


PATTAD brand women's autumn and winter 2012 new release

Shenzhen Ou Weili Fashion Co., Ltd. is the main thing to design, manufacture and sale of women's fashion, to adapt to the group of 25-45-year-old senior white-collar workers, unique pursuit of high quality of urban life of women, direct sales in the region of Guangdong Province, a nationwide Join agents.

PATTAD through sophisticated design, simple fashion sense and designed for Asian body shape of the plate, the integration of Eastern traditional culture and European fashion as one, continue to develop innovative urban metropolis fashion, sublimation of women's charm and quality of life to meet the modern Urban mainstream women's inner demands, strive to render intellectual and elegant, soft and full of vitality of the female charm. With the intellectual and confident understanding of the workplace elite women, will adhere to the exquisite style of high quality sense of fashion and elegant atmosphere completely into the product interpretation of modern women just with soft, personality without losing the gentle qualities. So that every woman wearing PATTAD can convey a detached fashion woman attitude


PATTAD brand women's autumn and winter 2012 new release

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