Four standards for quality wig suppliers


First, the style is selling

Since entering the wig industry, I have been paying attention to the ordering of the wig selection elements by the end consumers. After returning and communicating with dozens of dealers, it was finally found that in the current market form, the hairstyle and style of the wig is one of the most fancy elements of the end consumer. Under normal circumstances, customers will try on the wig before buying it to see if the hairstyle is suitable for them. If the customer prefers the hairstyle they try on, the chance of their purchase will increase greatly. In response to this feature of the customer's purchase, e Variety Wig will launch the popular wig hairstyle every month to adapt to the different needs of each customer, thus increasing the dealer's wig sales.

Second, the product cost-effective

In the case of satisfactory style, the customer will pay more attention to the cost performance of the wig. Note that this refers to the price/performance ratio, not the price of the product. At present, the prices in the wig market are mixed and mixed. In the case of different raw materials and processes, the prices of their products are not comparable. Therefore, the wig dealer must first understand the material, process, workmanship, additional services, etc., and then compare the price will be more scientific. For the wig store, it is a long-term business with the customer, so it is recommended to choose a wig with better product quality, which is conducive to the continuous growth of sales.

Third, the product quality is stable

Operating a wig store, a stable old customer base and word-of-mouth marketing are the two best marketing methods, and to make the two really work, stable product quality is an effective guarantee. If the quality of the wigs purchased by the customer often has such problems and defects, it is a pity that the customer loses confidence in the wigs that you operate, resulting in the loss of customers.

Fourth, after-sales service is guaranteed

At present, the wig market has just started a few years, and the services of wig suppliers are also very different. Therefore, the wig dealer must keep his eyes open when selecting, and do a comprehensive inspection of the supplier. The price, quality, strength, integrity, and service should not be less. A wig supplier that can provide good after-sales service will consider it relatively well, and will save a lot of trouble later. Like e-variable wig, if the product has quality problems, it can provide unconditional return policy within 5 days, which can effectively protect the vital interests of the dealer.

Endless Felt For Aluminium Extrusionis a kind of high temperature Felt Belt (Endless type Belt ), Endless Belt  is made of different resistant raw materials and could withstand different high temperatures from 180℃ to 600℃.Seamless Belt mainly used for the cooling table in the aluminum extrusion factories.

Specification of our Needle Endless Felt Belt:

Product Number

Color/Temperature resistance



Brown+Yellow /600℃

Pbo + Kevlar +one layer Nomex base cloth


Yellow /480℃

100%Kevlar+one layer Nomex base cloth


Off White /280℃

100%Nomex+one layer Nomex base cloth


White /180℃

100% Polyester +one layer Nomex base cloth

Available Size


Width: 20---2000

Length: 540---13500

Thickness: 6---12

Our Endless Felt Belt Application:

HPK-B ---- First-class cooling bed for the production line of large aluminum profiles

HKN-B --- First&Second-class cooling bed for the production line of aluminum profiles

HNN-B --- Third & Forth-class cooling bed for the production line of aluminum profiles

HPP-B --- Third & Forth-class cooling bed for the production line of aluminum profiles

Product Show:


Endless Belts

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