City Beauty underwear shop in Shenzhen Pingxi grand opening!


July 30, 2012, City Girl brand underwear to join the shop - Ping West store grand opening! The store is located in Pingxi, Longgang District, Shenzhen, is the region's major business district, a strong business climate, a huge consumer potential, is the place where businesses compete!

New store opened, into the store polite, buy one get one, welcome to visit!


Urban beauty to keep up with the pulse of fashion, high-quality products, sincere service has won the recognition of the market. The company will be based on the successful experience of previous stores, investors choose to provide reasonable store recommendations, to provide a detailed program of the shop, free renovation program, shop training, management and other comprehensive support to ensure that investors smooth and easy, rapid opening profit . Due to the different levels of consumption, geographical and customs, it is impossible for all products to be suitable for the local market. Products with poor sales in the stores can be returned (without affecting the secondary sales), reducing the pressure on the franchisee's inventory and allowing the franchisees to light up !


10 years of operation, unified store image, 1,500 stores, tens of millions of members is your guarantee of success. In order to protect the interests of franchisees, the company launched a special regional protection, according to the size of the market the size of the strategic location of the store and the number of franchisees to ensure exclusive market in a certain area to avoid competition.

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