Five small tricks for buyers to spin


Modern people have higher and higher requirements for quality of life. In order to have more energy, study and work, sleep quality must be guaranteed. The use of high-quality bedding is an important measure to ensure good sleep. So when consumers buy bedding, they should What are the consumer details?

Master the five links to make it easy for you to choose the right bedding details: Choose high-quality fabrics, high-grade bedding, generally use high-density fabrics, low-grade bedding, generally use medium or low-density fabrics, the difference between the two can be distinguished from the high-end bedding. The fabrics are generally made of high-density cotton fabrics. The middle and low-grade products are generally blended or chemical fiber fabrics. Generally, the fabric tissue poplin twill is better than the plain weave. Details 2: Focus on the quality of work. Good materials also require fine workmanship. The workmanship of the product is very rough because it is not a good choice. The consumer can see from the sewing stitch whether it is even and fine, whether there is a jumper or not. It can be seen that the sewing quality high-grade bedding has better sewing quality. Too much attention to the quality of sewing, the feeling is not good. The details are three: choose the color you like, in order to get the best visual experience and the good mood when using it. Consumers should choose the color and style that they appreciate. I think that the more you look, the better you look at the color, the taste, the artistic color, and the first look. Easy to have ugly feelings, color is not durable, in order to choose the favorite color, it is best to visit several stores and slowly pick up the details. Four: choose the right styles, the styles of the bedding mainly include the silk flower type and the live type flower pattern. Generally, the fabric and the filler are sewed together by the stencil. The three-dimensional sensation has a flat appearance but is not easy to be removed. The suspender type is generally used by the core to be quilted and then quilted. According to the specific bedding material and personal habits, choose the appropriate style details. Five: Service service is divided into two types: on-site service. Second, after-sales service on-site service is easy to judge. Directly look at the service attitude of the mall and the service attitude of the manufacturer. Now bedding is expensive, so you must also pay attention to the after-sales service of the mall and the manufacturer. If there is a warranty card, the customer club is better. If the product has quality problems, it can be returned or replaced.

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