Little monster fashion cowboy this winter a little "color"


The trend of color jeans from spring and summer of 2011 has been extended to this year's autumn and winter, has become a beautiful landscape on the streets. Mickey fashion jeans, farewell to the dark blue, black, colorful jeans this season, breaking the traditional concept of denim color concept, rich in change of color and clever idea of ​​the young people to meet the pursuit of the United States . Fashionable eye-catching colors make your winter more changes, a beautiful street! Little monster fashion cowboy, this winter a little "color"! After the launch of the denizens BS'O denim brand, due to long-standing adherence to good quality, the sales area in the country accumulated a good reputation, has also been widely recognized by consumers and support. Small devil cowboy (English name: BS'O, translated as: Babes and Sucklings'Order) and invited Hong Kong international superstar Nicholas Tse in 2007 as a spokesman for the little monster denim brand, with its unruffled, advocating self-unique personal charm, Greatly enhance the little monster in the domestic fashion industry's visibility. Small monster denim brand in the traditional cowboy into a variety of fashion elements, and in each quarter launched a series of innovative design, comfortable and durable clothing line, and then guide consumers to understand: choose a small monster brand is the choice of fashion, Quality life pursuit. Business purposes: brand + success, talent + innovation, collaboration + development; committed to creating a mainstream, healthy and dynamic urban fashion denim brand; Target customers: aged 18-35 years old, good at accepting new things and have a certain spending power Young people; dare to face challenges, the pursuit of fashion, quality of life, like to show themselves, with a young mind of the general public.

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