Xin read the brand women's urban fashion forefront of the representative


Located in the "Capital of Women Hangzhou", Hangzhou Xin Nian Clothing Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the design, development, production and sales of apparel and related products. The variety of styles is closely followed by the trend and is deeply loved by the majority of women. With a high reputation, fashionable and changing styles; and strong economic strength, unique in the industry, a leader in the women's industry, in the community's concern and support for help, Xin read business development by leaps and bounds, in the same industry Become one of the most competitive women's brands .


Connotation culture:
Elegant, sophisticated, fashion, intellectual, Xin read apparel is a kind of clothing, both internally and externally, in the repair of the body, the cultivation of the tailoring into the entire design, built in the heart, the design inspiration from the interpretation of the heart, a She is the representative of fashion frontier with refined and elegant atmosphere, clothing with perfect color and detail decoration, and fashionable concept of passing elegant personality, which is based on the culture, creating a calm, beautiful, intellectual and exquisite modern urban woman She is a sexy female spokeswoman, she is the favorite of elegant woman!

昕念品牌女装 都市女性时尚前沿的代表

Brand Positioning:

Target consumer group positioning: the core area of ​​20 -35 years old

Refers to: 18-year-old fashion women aged 45

Price System: Spring and summer product price range of 100 yuan -400 yuan, mainly concentrated in the 200-300 yuan

Autumn and winter product price range of 180 yuan -850 yuan, mainly concentrated in 400-600 yuan

昕念品牌女装 都市女性时尚前沿的代表

Xin read the sales network throughout the country, Xin read in line with China's national conditions, targeting all urban women in China consumer, unpredictable, set personality and fashion in a series of apparel products to consumers. Since its inception, the company adhere to the "people-oriented, and common development" will always give top priority to customer interests, the accumulation of the introduction of modern management models to join the regional agency to expand the market in the form of franchisees to provide a unified renovation program, professional investment Counseling staff training, promotion programs and post-management process management, after-sales service and other guidance, "honesty first, quality-oriented" is the company's solemn commitment to the interests of customers, through the commitment to the interests of customers and the company closely linked together, Achieve symbiotic win-win situation and common development as the goal.

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