CGREC women's fashion to give the greatest freedom of fashion style


Unique beauty, strong avant-garde art performance, but not without exception, the lone exception, through the pursuit of intense sensory stimulation of color, the pursuit of a sexy experience, the wearer's dictates to dominate the body, CGREC from the source to find the vitality of fashion, To completely extricate this exquisite puppet-like and lovely woman from the bondage of dress, to give them their original agility and vitality, to integrate into the strong Chinese visual culture, to create an unprecedented respect for the nature of the wearer and to give the wearer the greatest Free fashion style.


Clothing modeling to break the routine, personal shear load, bright colors, superb handling in the structure, free to play, free and unobtrusive design always emphasize the theme of CGREC pursuit of fashion, in the delicate expression, revealed a trace enchanting.

CGREC时尚女装 给予穿者最大自由的时装样式

Strong color, passion, luxurious temperament deter the people, suitable for those who wear in urban life revealed a deep calm

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