The first gold jewellery service local standards introduced


The first gold jewellery service local standard was introduced China's first local service standard for the service of jewellery industry service, “Specifications for the Operation of Precious Metals and Jewellery and Jade Jewelry” (hereinafter referred to as the “Code”), was formally implemented in Tianjin. The “Specifications” clearly stipulates the operation and sales service links for precious metals and jewellery and jade jewelry. Its implementation will promote the further improvement of the soft quality of Tianjin gold and silver jewellery industry services, and will also play an active role in the national gold and silver jewellery industry.

The lack of standards has become an industry development. In recent years, Tianjin's gold and silver jewellery industry has developed rapidly. The data released by the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce shows that from 2008 to 2011, the total sales of gold jewelry in Tianjin maintained a growth rate of around 30% every year. . Statistics from the sales statistics of Tianjin's major shopping malls show that the average annual growth in sales of gold is about 32%, the average annual increase in platinum is 16%, that of jade is 45%, and that of diamonds is 15%. Kirin Ruixiang, Jewelry Street, Baixin, Jinhui, Aiyisheng, Cao Jewelry, Hualong and other brands have established a good reputation in the eyes of Tianjin consumers. Tianjin has become one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

The reporter learned from the interview that as Tianjin's demand for gold, silver and jewellery is getting higher and higher, its demand for the service quality of the Tianjin gold and silver jewellery industry is increasingly demanding, but before that, there was no service for the gold, silver and jewelry industries in China. Standards, this has become the biggest development of Tianjin gold and silver jewelry industry further development. Qian Jin, chairman of the Tianjin Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Chamber of Commerce for the Gold, Silver and Jewellery Industry, said that the impact of the lack of standards is mainly manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, the lack of standards is an important reference for many businesses. Feeling helpless and unable to meet the increasing demands of consumers; on the other hand, irregularities in business services such as false advertising, high price and low discounts still exist in the industry, and lack of standards has caused inconvenience for consumers to safeguard their rights. Consumers' trust in the industry is greatly reduced. The launch of the “Specifications for the Operation and Service of Precious Metals and Jewellery and Jade Jewelry” has fundamentally solved these problems.

The standard emphasizes the quality of sales and sales service software. The reporter saw in the "Code" that, apart from clearly meeting the national standard for business service environment, jewelry quality, and jewelry logos, the standards have made clear provisions for operating sales services.

In the sales link that is most closely related to consumers, the standard stipulates that merchants should not use misleading words to mislead consumers. After the customer selects a good jewelry, they should confirm with the customer the number, name, style, weight, etc. of the jewelry certificate (label). , Jewelry weighed by weight should be confirmed by double confession, and together with the customer to check the appearance and quality of jewelry. The salesperson should be familiar with the characteristics and quality standards of jewelry sold on the counter, and actively and accurately introduce the name, performance, quality characteristics, usage methods, and precautions during the use of the jewelry to the customer.

In terms of the most concentrated price behavior of operators, the "Code" also stipulates that operators should follow the principles of fairness, lawfulness, and good faith in pricing, and should not make fake advertisements. Operators should rationalize the price of jewelry and implement price marking. The price tag indicates the name, specification, grade, price, charge standard and other relevant information of the jewelry. It must not be high-priced and low-sale. It will harm the interests of the consumers and the industry. The operators should not maliciously dump at a low price and do not engage in price monopolization. The overall development of the industry.

With the help of the market terminal's implementation of the standards, the reporter learned from the interview that due to the lack of mandatory measures, the recommended standards are more resistant to implementation, and some of the recommended standards therefore have limited promotional effects. As a recommended standard, how does the "precious metal and jewelery jade jewelry business service specification" truly implement the standard rules? Qian Jin said that this requires the use of market forces and the introduction of a market mechanism for the survival of the fittest. Currently, the association is uniting with the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the Commission of Commerce, and the Public Security Bureau to form a leading group within the scope of Tianjin within the industry. Enterprises conduct standard training to ensure the promotion of standards. At the end of this year, the leading group will, within the city's scope, conduct evaluations of demonstration stores for companies in the industry according to the standards. The association will provide free publicity support for the demonstration stores, increase the awareness of the demonstration stores among the consumer groups, and enable consumption. In the consumption process, they consciously choose high-quality gold and silver jewellery companies that meet the standards, enhance the corporate brand value, squeeze the living space of inferior companies, promote the conscious implementation of standards by the industry, and ensure the implementation of the standards. The level of development.

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