ABC collocation Xiaodong activities strong start warm staged children's creativity PK show


The game is the easiest and most effective way for children to express their creativity. Of course, children's wear can also be a "game" for children's lives. It is not an exercise for children to try unlimited "fashion games" under the correct guidance of their parents Children's aesthetic, fashion perception of forward-looking education. March 21, World Children's Day, the leading children's clothing brand ABC children's clothing in the global scale grandly opened a children's creative fashion PK match - ABC Creativity Contest with a small network of people solicitation, a comprehensive collection of 0- 13-year-old fashion with the Xiandaren people, to provide children with a "fashion game" to demonstrate the platform of self-creativity, but also for the hot mom tide a full SHOW stage. Simple form of activity easy to operate, as long as children meet the age limit of 0-13 years can be. Netizens can select any group through "ABC • Fashion Shop" and "Network Match Show", either from the ABC brand terminal store with photo upload, or freely with photo upload through the official website of the event, all the ABC brand's fourth generation Terminal stores participate in "ABC • Fashion Shop" group activities. In addition, an array of prizes is also a hot topic of this event, 4999 yuan Family Travel Fund, iPad Mini, Samsung selfie artifact, Fuji Polaroid camera, ABC children's shoes and other rich prizes, and nearly 2,000 copies of value-added interactive ceremony , Are enough to motivate their parents to tap the extraordinary creativity of children, challenge the super-match with the passion of the baby. Dad and mom can also serve as fashion consultant for the Xiandaren in this "fashion game", and join the pleasure of matching with their children in the role of friends. Imagine, when all the fashion elements of clothing and all kinds of props all over the house, presented in front of children, the child's choice may be beyond your expectations, when they create a "Superman" "robotic loaded" Space Pack, "" Iceberg, "" Rockets, "and so creative combination, we can not help but lament the creativity of children! Industry experts said that in the children's network competition, microblogging marketing, ABC brand has a wealth of experience, which organized ABC "Meng main" network solicitation contest, ABC "Creator micro-life" network solicitation contest and other activities are highly praised the industry And the majority of young parents love. This time, the ABC Creativity Contest with the Little Network Online Calling Contest has aroused great concern in the industry. The popularity of the event can be imagined. ABC creativity contest with small Daren network solicitation contest: ABC Sina official microblogging: ABC Tencent microblogging official microblogging: http: //

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