Men's dress must be color pants to shape the young shape


Ben Wang, April 7 hearing, many boys are afraid to challenge bright pants, feel a bit too "Mingsao", but the spring is a bright season, may wish to try those color pants, without trying to know that one of them wonderful. Maybe once you try it, it will never be forgotten. Bright trousers will brighten the entire look so that you don’t need to worry too much about what you wear.

Concise bright yellow slim cotton trousers, pants length just to the ankle area, enhance the shape of the able temperament, black and white matching Plaid shirt, showing the cool feeling of spring and summer.

Concise green retro camouflage trousers, simple and yet charming, blue T-shirt and brown jacket match to create a casual trend of men.

Lightweight chalk-colored slim trousers, easy-to-apply design, with soft tone plaid shirt and yellow T-shirt, to create a spring-like tone.

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