Fei Yue brand women "mixed" have to mix elegant


"Mix" should be mixed elegant, cn Philippine Yue Women from design to technology, from color to the plate, with the trend, to stimulate creativity, showing the woman's self-confidence, from the child's elegance.


Department of pork sleeveless shirt, shoulder pads designed to beautify the shoulder line, until the black placket collar and placket classic white slacks, no sense of color disorder, but the blue socks with the overall dress to a big collision , Is attracting eyes.

菲悦品牌女装  “混”也要混得优雅

Mustard-colored linen T-shirt, skin friendly, breathable, breathable, the most suitable summer wear, simple, large round neck design to show the beautiful clavicle, repeated straight lines arranged in a simple but not monotonous pattern, with a black dress or casual Pants, steady elegance.

They provide better facial protection than masks, as well as being reusable and more comfortable. They also prevent wearers from touching their faces and make it easier to communicate with others, since the mouth is visible.

The simplest face shields consist of transparent visors that cover the face, add a securing mechanism such as a strap or headband to hold them in place. Some versions are disposable while other more rugged designs can be reused after sterilisation.

With personal protective equipment in short supply in many countries, many healthcare workers have been using face shields designed for workers in construction or other industries.

Face Shield

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