R & D Women 2013 new elegant dress full of moving temperament


R & D brand women advocate fast fashion (Fast Fashion) model, the design, development and sales of women's fashion as one, outlets radiation throughout the international market. Brand has a professional team of management, the latest and popular news, rapid and accurate response to design and produce in line with the latest elements of the international clothing styles, and the first time to update the outlets. Spring and summer 2013, R & D women's elegant and romantic dress will be created for the temperament MM, make you feel the spring and summer pleasant atmosphere.

索典 - R&D

Gradient color dress to wear a sense of movement, with yellow and white striped coat and girdle, divided the upper and lower body perfect body line ratio.

R&D女装2013新品 飘逸长裙弥漫动人气质

Long dress sometimes very much need to help a little belt, Straight look Look always appears a little more, warm orange yellow allows you to distribute infinite positive energy Oh.

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