Spring and summer of 2013, Malayan children's dreamers fly


Maladin, was born in the beautiful fashion city - Shanghai, is the original designer children's wear brand. With the brand promise of "Children's Growth and Maraddin's Dream", Maladin devotes itself to designing children's clothing of "freedom, fun and fashion" for children of different stages of development and becoming the best brand to support their children's growth. . Spring and summer 2013 introduced a number of fashion series of children's wear, Xiaobian today to introduce several flying dreamer series, so that children feel free to fly! 2013S / S flying dreamer, fresh and easy to use shirts, denim Danny patch has been popular as a design; pants striped cuffs, coupled with rivets khaki pants, so pants with more casual. 2013S / S flying dreamer, blouse flying elements with three-dimensional patchwork windmill; with skirt irregular hem adds personality, handmade bird doll decoration with unlimited fun and innocence. Creative point: skirts can be worn on both sides, a skirt two ride. 2013S / S flight dreamer, blouse floating balloon pattern and chiffon Puff Sleeve combination, the girl light sweet feeling; with loose pants version, personalized cut, full of fashion sense.

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Tpr Sole

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