How to choose the soundproof window frame, plastic steel or aluminum alloy?


The soundproof window industry has been developed in China for decades. According to the previous summary, the soundproof window industry is mainly concentrated in the four cities of north, upper, wide and deep. There are many kinds of soundproof windows, and the sound insulation effect is also uneven. How to choose, which kind of soundproof window frame is more soundproof and more durable, Guangzhou Jingmeijia soundproof window will tell you one by one:

First, the outer frame of the soundproof window is selected from the outer frame of plastic steel:

Before the steel profiles were made into windows, some people thought that they were energy-saving windows and heat-insulating windows, because the thermal conductivity of plastic steel profiles was low. From a thermodynamic point of view, this view is not clear. We deliberately visited Europe and Germany, and their steel profiles were divided into three generations. The windows made of the previous generation of plastic profiles are stupid and heavy in cross section. The second generation interpolated the steel plate in the hollow plastic steel, which was easy to rust due to the void. The third generation is the co-extrusion of surface-treated steel sheets and plastics. This is the real plastic steel profile. The window made with this profile can really be called plastic steel window. In the early stage, more than 3,000 imported steel plate type plastic profile lines were introduced in China. The doors and windows made of this profile can only be called plastic windows. Compared with aluminum profiles, plastic steel profiles and aluminum profiles are obvious in strength and other properties. The gap is far less than the thermal conductivity of aluminum in terms of thermal conductivity. At present, the domestic soundproof windows are made of plastic steel profiles, which are generally the second generation. For the soundproof glass with high weight density, the bearing capacity is very limited, so the phenomenon of window deformation often occurs during the after-sale process;

Second, the soundproof window frame selects the aluminum alloy frame:

Aluminum alloy profiles have special properties not found in other door and window materials. They are not only high in strength (some aluminum alloys can reach the strength of 45 steel), and are light in weight (1/3 of the weight of steel), good in plasticity and squeezable. Into a variety of complex profile sections. It is highly resistant to corrosion and has no pollution. Waste aluminum alloy profiles can be recycled and re-used. Internationally, 6063 aluminum alloy profiles have been used as door and window materials for many years. Although many years of windows have challenged it and wanted to replace it, there is no international material to replace aluminum alloy profiles for doors and windows. Of course, for various purposes, various materials are made. Various types of doors and windows are produced according to different needs, which is the need of development. At present, the long-term use of the sound-insulating window industry is also the aluminum alloy frame. In the field of sound-proof windows, the aluminum frame structure technology of Jingmeijia sound-proof window is far ahead.

1. Improvement of the variety and performance of aluminum alloy: In the past, the internationally shared 6063 profile was cooled to wind-cooled (called air-cooled quenching, T5 state). Now, in order to solve the increase in the area of ​​doors and windows, the strength of the aluminum alloy profile is improved. Water quenching (T6 state) can be used, and the tensile strength can be increased from 160Mpa to 205MPa.

2. If the door and window strength requirements are higher, the aluminum alloy 6061T6 state can be used. The 6061T6 alloy has a tensile strength of 265 MPa.

3, aluminum alloy can replace stainless steel, aluminum alloy can be formulated with nearly 100 kinds of alloys, its tensile strength and yield strength can exceed stainless steel, such as China's brand Lc4 aluminum alloy, internationally known as 7075T6 aluminum alloy, its tensile strength can reach 540-560Mpa, and the general stainless steel is 530Mpa. Aluminum alloy not only meets the needs of doors and windows, but also meets the needs of aircraft and tank bulletproof, so aluminum alloy has strong vitality.

4, aluminum can get a variety of surface treatment aluminum material has been surface anodized for a few years, only white and bronze can now get powder spray and fluorocarbon spray, you can get a variety of favorite colors to make the building doors and windows colorful . Powder spray is afraid of the sun's ultraviolet radiation, easy to evenly fade, the color of the sun and the shade after a few years. Generally used for doors and windows is not obvious, and the price is cheap. Fluorocarbon spraying does not have the above problems, but it is more expensive and is mostly used for the spraying of aluminum plates of aluminum curtain walls.

5, aluminum alloy profiles can be insulated: insert a low thermal conductivity non-metallic insulation strip between the aluminum profiles to reduce heat transfer inside and outside the aluminum profile. This type of aluminum alloy is called "broken bridge aluminum" or "breaking heat bridge". The aluminum alloy profile of the bridge is significantly reduced compared with the aluminum alloy profile without the broken bridge (the thermal conductivity is reduced from 6W/M2K to 1.8W/M2K).

Material grade

Aluminum alloy profile

Plastic profile


2.7 (g/cm3)

1.4 (g/cm3)

tensile strength

≥157 (N/cm2)

≥50 (N/cm2)

Yield Strength

≥108 (N/cm2)

≥37 (N/cm2)




Elastic Modulus

7100 (N/cm2)

1960 (N/cm2)

Linear expansion coefficient

2.35×10-5 (K-1)


Thermal Conductivity

203 (broken bridge aluminum 1.5-2.8) (W/m.K)

0.16 (W/m.K)



Flame retardant B1

Comparing the above series of data, the choice of aluminum alloy profiles in the soundproof window frame is superior to the steel profile in both density and durability. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the selection of the soundproof window frame, and should not listen to the promise of the merchant, and select the data and case to select. Suitable for soundproof windows, not the concept of so-called "high on" sound insulation profiles.

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