MARYLING 2015 Spring-Summer Tour Exhibition Lands in Wuhan


MARYLING “Secret Garden” 2015 Spring/Summer series costume tour exhibition landed in Wuhan. The tour exhibition selected the bustling shopping center - Wuhan International Plaza. In order to create a spring atmosphere, MARYLING has created a giant artificial flower wall that is more than 2 meters high. The flower walls are all made with three-dimensional artificial flowers, making them look like romantic flower fields.

MARYLING's well-prepared fashion feast attracted a large number of customers. Wearing MARYLING's new models in the spring and summer of 2015, walking out from behind the flower wall, it's as if the elves out of the world are beautiful and graceful, bringing the audience to the magnificent world of “secret garden”.

MARYLING's new spring/summer 2015 captures the softest and most dreamy colors in the garden. The clear blue, white clouds, pink powder of the morning glow, yellow flowers, green of the forest... show our hearts in different series of colors and patterns. Desire, fantasy, and wonderland in general are wonderful.

Italian designers strive to be more classic and practical, adding more elements of softness to MARYLING's Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Such as the asymmetric design favored by trendy designers, feminine feminine bow design and A-shaped curve. It offers more choices for different women who are looking sexy and temperament.

After the fashion show, MARYLING's models put on MARYLING's new spring-summer 2015 show to show customers the effect of clothing. Customers can closely observe the details of the fabrics, cuts, and models of the garments.


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