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When the baby is born, parents are just beginning to worry. For children, parents always hope that they can do their best to give their children the best care, food, clothing and housing, no need not seriously take care of. The pursuit of fashion mothers, for their children's dress is more stringent checks, not only to wear comfortable, but also need to pierce the child's fashion. So Sen door brand children's wear, is the best choice for mothers, children wear more distinctive. Because the boys lively and active, high quality and comfortable fabrics must not be ignored, the fabric moisture wicking performance must be very good. Fabrics with high-quality green shirt plus white denim shorts washed, shirt printing patterns even more obvious little boy's unique temperament, simple wear fashion. Many parents want the little girl to be a quiet princess, so the princess dress is essential to the little girl. Upper body white lace, showing the innocent and simple little girl, lower body pink puff skirt, so that the little girl becomes naive and cute, there is a little ladylike temperament. Senmen brand children's clothing, children's fashion specializing in children's wear.

Lights Up Clothings

This holiday costume is specially designed for holiday celebrations, can be lit, suitable for multiple festivals, Halloween, birthday parties, etc.
Even the clothes style is very eye-catching, it is a popular clothes, it looks very eye-catching when wearing it in festivals.
The color is versatile and the size is sufficient. If you have any needs, you can contact us, and we can customize it according to your needs.

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